Oof, that's gonna hurt

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

On the Off-Leash Overnighter: I&M Canal route, the climb up from the Des Plaines River to Joliet's historic Haley Mansion is 120' high at up to 6%. You're welcome!

Once you're up the hill, it feels like a downhill run all the way to the I&M Canal trailhead. And Joliet's downtown and historic district are some of the best urban riding in the area.

Overall, the route's pretty great. Beautiful trails, even the I&M which is comfortably rough & tumble in spots. Check it out below, and sign up! Here's your secret discount code: GONNAHURT. Use it to get $5 off per bike camper when you sign up at https://www.offleashovernighters.com/i-m-canal.

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