Updated: May 10, 2019

2018 Off-Leash Overnighter bike campers recquisitioning provisions at the Hammond, Indiana Cabela's.

Time flies when you're hankering for a bike camping trip!

If you haven't registered yet, get that done right now.

Because, dang, you do not want to miss it. The Northwest Indiana trail system is bananas with its connections and sneak-throughs that have turned a not very bikeable region into a legitimate bike overnight destination. It's super fun to experience this, and to show it to people.

Here's the route we'll take from Homewood Izaak Walton Preserve on Saturday morning, mapped with RidewithGPS.com, the bike ride app we use (and you can use for any of our Off-Leash Overnighters):

Along the route are playgrounds, toilets, restaurants, Cabella's, a distillery, two fistfuls of breweries...Off-Leash Overnighters are pretty self-directed, so plan your own stops or be impulsive (our preference).

Thanks to Into the 219! sponsors Lake County Parks & Recreation, Rabid Brewing, Wildrose Brewing, and New Oberpfalz Brewing, and Off-Leash Overnighters sponsors Trek, Big Agnes, Wolf Tooth, and the Forest Preserve District of Will County.

Here's your moment of $5 coupon code zen: OFFLEASHBLOG. Enter that when you sign up for INto the 219. Now stop reading! Go register!

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