Off-Leash in Will County

Our last Off-Leash Overnighter bike camping trip on September 13-15 was to McKinley Woods, just off the I&M Canal State Trail in Channahon, Illinois. Massive amounts of gratitude to Thomas Photographic Services for shooting the trip.

The hospitality of the Forest Preserve District of Will County was 5-star, as was the quality of their campsites in Hickory Creek Forest Preserve Friday night and McKinley Woods Saturday. Thank you, Ben & Jessica, for working with us! Our trip included lunch and beers at Channahon's River Hawk Brewing, our trip's beer sponsor. Excellent brews!

We ate well - that's the understatement of the trip: Enrico's in Frankfort on Friday night, Taco & Burrito King catered Saturday night, and Sunday morning we had the delicious privilege of serving as Blee's Smoking Delicious pilot breakfast menu; egg & sausage fatties and pulled pork wraps...#yesss.

Enjoy the photos!

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