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GoodSpeed Cycles' Off-Leash Overnighters are mini bikepacking adventures. They're a little out of the ordinary for most of the cyclists who go with us - and that's a huge part of their appeal. 


For one, Off-Leash Overnighters involving camping out overnight. As you might have guessed. From the name.


Two, they ask cyclists to be more self-sufficient than the usual organized ride. We'll provide you with paper and electronic maps, and minimal support. You find your way, carry your own camping gear and supplies, and enjoy the freedom to explore, eat, drink, relax, and discover things along the way.

What bike should I use?

Some Off-Leash Overnighter cyclists buy an awesome road or off-road touring bike and a full complement of amazing bikepacking gear for our rides. And that's awesome (because we're a bike shop).


But MOST Off-Leash Overnighter cyclists bring the bike they have - road bike, mountain bike, hybrid, beach cruiser, adult trike, e-bike...not kidding! - packed and loaded in a million different ways. And they have a BALL.

Because the truth is, almost any bike is the bike you should ride on an Off-Leash Overnighter.


Below is Off-Leasher Chris B.'s Trek 1120 off-road bikepacking bike, featuring integrated gear racks and tricked out with bikepacking-specific bags (we have the bike and the bags in stock, just sayin') -

Trek 1120

Bernard and Alicia rode their every-day, standard adult hybrid bikes. Bernard bungied his gear - tent, sleeping bag, a few clothes - to the side and top of his rear cargo rack. Alicia did likewise and added a versatile handlebar basket. Baskets are fantastic for quick bike camping trips. (We have baskets in stock. Just sayin') -


We have no idea where or how Jack packed his gear. Afraid to ask, actually -


The Takeaway - You can pack just about any bike any way you want for a 1-2 night mini adventure. Still, it might be nice to have bike gear and packing checklists.


Helpful guides to get ready for your first Off-Leash Overnighter
  • It should be in good shape - tires in good condition, brakes not rubbing, no weird sounds when you pedal/shift/brake, chain lubed. Bring it to us for a tune-up.

  • It must have a way to safely carry enough camping gear to get through 1-2 nights. Rear racks and front baskets can work on about any bike. Also, new bikepacking bags give any bike plenty of cargo capacity, even if you can't add a rack or basket. We can help you figure it out.

  • Headlight and tailight, preferably with a bright daytime strobe setting. Daytime strobes work - drivers notice you sooner. Plus our campouts regularly include a fun night ride to the nearest town.

  • Lightweight lock, so you are free to stop at sites, restaurants, breweries along the way.

  • Helmet

  • Water, energy drink, etc.

  • Map/GPS (Ride with GPS app is a GoodSpeed favorite)

  • Bike shorts (1-2 pair)

  • Snacks (Honey Stinger Waffles are a GoodSpeed favorite)

  • Cash/credit card

  • Sunglasses

  • Sunblock

  • Lip balm

  • Packable rain jacket

  • Spare innertube (make sure it fits your bike)

  • Tire levers

  • Small pump/inflator

  • Cycling multi-tool

  • A chain tool + 2 replacement links

  • Zip ties and duct tape

  • Basic First Aid kit

  • Small, lightweight tent

  • Sleeping Bag & Pad

  • Headlamp or flashlight

  • Camp & sleeping clothes

  • Hand Sanitizer

  • Pre-moistened wipes/Bath wipes

  • Bug Spray


GoodSpeed Cycles has nearly everything you need from the checklists above to outfit you and your bike for an Off-Leash Overnighter and farther ranging adventures. Fill out this form to make an appointment for a FREE consultation with our bikepacking experts. Then bring your bike with you for your appointment (unless you're buying a bike - then YAY!). We'll make sure you leave with everything you need to have an awesome Off-Leash Overnighter.

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